Friday, February 27, 2009


Hello all, I have some huge news to share! I have decided to merge my blogs. You may only know me from this blog. I have another blog too - it's called Wellerwishes (which is also the name of my company) and the subject of Wellerwishes blog is all of my artwork endeavors on a broader level. I have talked about my pet portraits on Wellerwishes blog, but I've pretty much kept this blog as the main home of my pet portrait postings -- up until now. I have been keeping up both blogs for years, but I decided to merge them for many reasons. One of those reasons was the decision to place my pet portraiture segment of my business under the banner of the "Wellerwishes" name. That helped the decision to streamline along. You will now notice, on my Pet Portrait site, the header now features the name "Wellerwishes" (previously my pet portrait business was called "Kathy Weller Pet Portraiture"). I talked about the merge in this post on my Wellerwishes blog and I asked your opinions. After hearing what you all had to say, it was pretty unanimous that merging was the way to go.

What I've done is I've moved the contents of this blog into my Wellerwishes blog. The reason I moved there instead of Wellerwishes moving here are several. I have a much larger readership at Wellerwishes, and it's easier to move more content there, than to move all of my readers over here. Secondly, the work I do under the name Wellerwishes is a larger segment of my professional creative work than my pet portraits. That factored in as well. Along with those important considerations was the fact that my Wellerwishes blog utilizes the more recent Blogger upgrades, but I never upgraded this blog - it is still on "Classic" Blogger. It would have been more of a struggle for less of a payoff for me to update this blog, redesign it, and then move everything here. All in all, it made much more sense to move everything over to Wellerwishes blog.
To keep things organized somewhat, I labeled all of the posts from this blog "Adventures in Pet Portraiture" so if you want to go back in time, you can be sure of which blog the post originated from. I also labeled posts "pet portraits" which featured the progress of a given portrait, so you can go to that label and see all of the pet portraits I've ever written about. Nothing is perfect (with humans OR technology), and you may find inaccuracies in the labelling now and again, so please keep that in mind. But all in all, it's been pretty smooth! Moving forward, please visit me at to see what's going on with my pet portraits as well as all of my other art interests!! Please change your bookmarks on your blogs or anyplace you have this blog linked, and if you have any questions at all please email me at kathyweller(at)

Thanks so much for being a part of my pet portraiting world here. Let's continue the journey together at
Wellerwishes blog!


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