Saturday, January 10, 2009

Felted Pet Portraits

Felted Pet Portrait by

I covet felted miniatures of pets! I first discovered them on a Flickr photostream when I came across Amelia Makes Art's amazing doggie sculptures. They are just outrageous!! Ever since then, I've wanted to commission Amelia to make two sculptures of my pugs.

Felted Pet Portrait by

Anyway, I discovered that she also keeps an Etsy shop. I also learned that there are several other felt pet artists on Etsy as well... GFelted, Kay's K9 shop, Free Haven Farm, Coraldee, Inspirations By Karen. Each artist has his/her own special aesthetic and style of designing the miniature doggies (and kitties, too). It's worth the time to shop around and see the unique differences in each artists' style before deciding on one. Just as no two painted or drawn pet portrait artists are alike, so it is with sculpted felt pet portrait artists. I look forward to getting my own sometime. I keep saying it and have not done it yet, but I will in due time.

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