Monday, November 17, 2008

Dogs Rule Fat Book takes center stage!!

Attention, dog and cat-loving ladies and gents: The Dogs Rule Fat Book Ebay Auction is happening RIGHT NOW! Please check it out on Ebay and Bid, Bid, Bid!! ALL of the auction proceeds go to A Place To Bark, Bernie Berlin's animal sanctuary, to help out our furry friends who really need it!!!
There is really no caveat to bidding on this auction: Within this hand-crafted, very special book of art, you will get handmade art pages by 13 different, accomplished, and uniquely talented pet portrait artists! Names you may have heard of, such as Rebecca Lansdowne of Art Paw, Linda O'Neill of Abby Creek Studios, Leigh Jackson of Noisy Dog Studio, plus there is many more of us!! These names are but a few of the talented artists who gave their time and talents to this awesome work of original dog art. All of us created this very special book JUST FOR YOU, the pet-and-pet-art-lover! So please, please please, BID often and bid high. Because it ALL goes to the dogs!

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Alison said...

Hi Kathy,

I just love this project. What a wonderful idea!!!! I have to say I would have loved to be involved in this, I paint pet portraits as well. Love it! These books are gems. I bet they are great to look at close up in person. Great work!

Alison Zapata