Monday, August 18, 2008

August 2008 Pika Package Fun!!

I'm so honored to be chosen as a featured artist in the August 2008 Pika Package!
What's it all about? Read my Wellerwishes blog for the details.

Things that might interest you enough to click:

1) My contributions are very very pet-related! Hint: DogsCatsDogsCats
2) It's a giveaway where 2 lucky folks will WIN fun packages full of artwork from independent artists all around the globe, and...
3) All you have to do to enter is post a comment here. That's it.

Super-fun, Super-unique, Super-easy and Super-free!! What is not to love???
Please enjoy and have fun reading and drooling over all the cool art work and hey - maybe YOU will win a package?!?:) Wouldn't that be fun?

Make sure to read the Pika Package Magazine too - with interviews of all the August artist participants (including yours truly)! (It's on that page, below the fold - big green artwork - click on it to download - short download!)

ENJOY everyone!! :)


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