Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Animal Print

The other day, when stopping in Darwin's to grab something quick to eat, I happened upon this neat pet maggie! I'd never seen it before -- which is kind of weird because it sounds like it's been around for awhile, and so have I -- but regardless, I love to learn about a new pet magazine, new or not! The Animal Print is a full-color bi-monthly magazine with a glossy cover, newsprint-like, matte paper on the inside.

The Fall 2008 issue has 32 pages. It's a nice read with some humorous but thoughtful articles of special interest to dog parents. For instance: Renting with Pets, "Whine and dine" (all about pet-friendly restaurants) and the icky-sounding "Poop eaters (conquering coprophagy)". Yes, this is grody, and I am SO LUCKY to not have this problem with my girlies, but for a lot of folks, it is a real issue that demands real answers, and I have to give props (..and a handy wipe) to the editor for um, choosing to digest the subject! It's the first time I've seen a doggie mag discuss the issue!

It's a regional magazine serving Rhode Island, SE MA, Boston and the North Shore. If you're local to the Massachusetts area, you can find it for free. Subscriptions/delivery is $15 a year.

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