Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Whoa -- totally amazing..

Pet photographer Grace of Shine Pet Photos has posted an entry over at her blog featuring a very powerful PSA piece about dog fighting. She writes a bit on the video creator and gives some background explaining the inception of the video. It gives some context before watching it, although it really needs no introduction. The video itself is fantastic and gets the point across. You'll see what I mean. Please do check it out.

Another totally amazing thing - a friend recently sent me a link to The Animal Rescue Site, which is a partner of If you go to the site, you can click on a button there once a day, and sponsors will pay an amount of money, per click, per day, to go directly to the feeding and care of animals in need. YES!!!! All you gotta do is CLICK!!!! It's that easy. Bookmark it yourself, and please do click every day! :)

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Jamie Pflughoeft said...

Ok, I just did it! :-)