Sunday, April 27, 2008

Painting just for me

Been doing some painting, just for myself. I thought it'd be good to do some painting just for myself, with no expectations and no rules attached -- just to reconnect with doing stuff without anything attached to it other than my own subconscious visual ramblings. :) I also missed the feel of paint with body since I usually use watercolor these days, so I am using acrylic paint which I used to use a lot, so I know the medium and feel comfortable with it and could jump right in. I also wanted to painting on something that would not warp for a change. No matter how fabulous the watercolor paper I use is, it's still paper, and paper warps when it gets wet. So I am using Gessobord, which is panels you buy pre-gessoed, and they're great . I love working small, so this is 5x5. My plan is to do a bunch of them and then put them on Etsy . (I *LOVE* Etsy. Wow, is it great!) But for now, I'm just posting this one so far.

Here is my second effort. (No you are not missing anything; I haven't posted the first one yet.) "Good Dog" is a painting of a little black pug. You know, it looks mysteriously like our very special and genius first pug Guinness, who was my creative muse! He is showing up again here as the model for "Good Dog". Hope you like this piece! Please tell me what you think. I'd love to hear.


Rebecca said...

I think this dirty green and red is just flawless here Kathy. Good job. I just adore dirty greens, the more sour yellow in there the better. Yummy, Yummy!

Don't you think it is liberating to do something just for yourself. Way to go girl! The next thing you may consider trying is working in a medium you do not know at all. That is what I did when I started doing glass mosaics and I fell in love with the challenge of "the new". It is also so time consuming that it is easy to keep it separate from my commercial work. I may sell some pieces eventually but I will never take on commissions in that medium ... it is my sacred ground so to speak, where nobody gets to tell me what to do.

Abby Creek Art said...

I love it too...the colors, the Good Dog banner. Everything works. Oh pleeeeez put some up on Etsy so I can buy one!

cowbelly said...

Darling. It's always so interesting to see what artists create for themselves. It often seems like it's quite different than what we design for our clients. If only we had more time to do so, eh? Love this piece Kathy- great job.