Thursday, April 24, 2008

Meet Chewy, World-Traveler!

"Chewy" © kathy weller 2008

This is my most recent portrait. I call it a "biggie", partly because of Chewy's size. Chewy might just be the largest dog I've ever had the pleasure of painting! Might be the sweetest, too -- just look at those eyes, that mug. :)
Detail of "Chewy" © kathy weller 2008

I will also call it "mini" because there is lots of minute detail in this one - lots of tiny postcards and travel stickers from Chewy's travels frame the center piece.

Chewy's mom gave the portrait to Chewy's dad as a gift! I think it is a pet portrait that does double-duty as a travelogue!

Hope you enjoy.

Here is the original roughie, too, just for fun:

"Chewy" rough sketch © kathy weller 2008


Abby Creek Art said...

Hi Kathy...I've missed you! Chewy is absolutely beautiful! The detail is amazing. Great work, m'dear.

Rebecca said...

Great portrait! Love the masculine colors.