Saturday, February 23, 2008

Inside Animal Minds

National Geographic's March 2008 cover photo -- Photograph by Vincent J. Musi

National Geographic magazine's March 2008 issue has a story on animal minds. Matt and I were out and about today and saw it at the newsstand and it looks really interesting (plus, it had the most adorable Border collie gracing the cover). We bought the magazine, but I have not read it yet. I instantly thought of sharing this with you all here, so I looked it up online, and lo and behold, here is the article. Not sure if it is the complete article or not, but it is a lot of free content (8 pages of copy)... And, if it isn't the complete article, you know where to find the rest of it. Also enjoy the beautiful photos.

While looking up the National Geographic article online, I bumped into this - a three - part series that the Nature Channel did on the same general subject. I think the special has already aired, but there looks to be some interesting content here, as well. Check out the "Special Features" side bar. Interesting and fun to read.

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Abby Creek Art said...

Thanks for the links, Kathy. That Border Collie photo is amazing...what a beautiful expression.