Sunday, February 03, 2008

The "A Place To Bark" Fundraiser is over

Hi all!
The "A Place To Bark" fundraiser drive is officially over. Thank you to everyone who made a donation and entered into my drawing or another artist or donator's drawing!!! Everyone has been really generous and it's been so wonderful to see so many people really come together for such an important cause.

A Place To Bark did not make it into the top 4, but they were able to raise a LOT of much-needed income to help grow their facility!! It's still a great outcome. Claudine Hellmuth has a lot of great in-depth information about it on her blog (see the entry from January 31). She explains all of the details way better than I could!

Please also make sure to visit the A Place To Bark blog for more in-depth information, too!!

Once I get the names and emails of entrants from Bernie, I can go about the fun business of picking names out of a hat to see who wins what !! :) So please stay tuned in for that. Thank you all again for participating, and for helping to support A Place To Bark!! XOXO

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