Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Missing Phone Message/Voice Mail

Hello friends!! Here is a doozy for you:

I received a phone call from a very nice woman who happened to pick up one of my postcards from my local veterinarian's office. She gave me a ring - was interested in obtaining some pet portrait information, and she left a message.

I retrieved my messages on Thursday. I listened to the message, jotted down the information and planned to call her back later. I deleted the message from my voice mail (do not ever do this if you have not yet returned a phone call).

As you might suspect, I did indeed accidentally throw away / lose / misplace said sticky note - UH - OH. I was devastated - it is a pretty hare-brained thing to do, and I'm pretty good about not making these types of hare-brained errors!!

If the very nice person who called me and left the message happens to come across this post, please give me another call - - I very accidentally lost your information!!

With sheepish apologies,

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