Monday, October 01, 2007

Interview of me by Design Inspiration!

I've been interviewed by Design Inspiration web site! It's a site which interviews designers and illustrators and other creative people. There are some wonderful interviews on there, by well-known artists as well as relative unknowns! A good mix, and an interesting one. I hope you will check it out when you have a minute!!


andres casciani said...

it is so strange and magic to see your wonderful art, so sutil and sad and sweet... you have to be very proud of your visions, i invite you to see my drawings and paints, it would be great to know you opinion and share ideas and concepts!

imwithsully said...

Very lovely interview. Congratulations on being recognized for the great artist and designer you are.

cowbelly said...

I love this interview Kathy!

God I think you are the most talented and creative person I know, truly. I'd love to ride a little car around inside your brain just for a day to see how it works and watch all of the synapses firing. It looks like it would be a super fun ride on all kinds of different tracks- awesome!

Congrats on the book! The illustrations are FABULOUS!!!