Thursday, September 20, 2007

Former New York Dog "top dog" moves on to "Fido Friendly" pastures

doggie-magazine front:
Gregg Oehler, former publisher of Hollywood Dog and New York Dog magazines, has taken a position as VP Sales and Marketing at none other than Fido Friendly magazine.

This move should result in Fido Friendly presenting a much more visually polished overall branding strategy, which is great, because editorially I have found it to be a fine magazine with a lot to offer in the way of unique content, stories and points-of-view. What I am hoping is that the maggie gets a nice juicy redesign and tha visually, the brand gets an overall unification and face-lift -- from the logo on down (or up, as the case may be). The magazine does definitely have it's own niche, content-wise, so I'd love to see it elevated in overall look and feel, as well as in terms of promotional and distribution.

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Rebecca said...

Hi Kathy-
I got that e-mail notice today too! You are so on target about the mag and I would love to see this great original magazine get even better in overall presentation.