Saturday, July 21, 2007

Tinkerbell Update

I have been following the incredible progress of Tinkerbell, a wonderful little pug. (Read my first post about Tinkerbbell here). She is a strong, stoic survivor of terrible, horrific abuse. She is truly an inspiration to me, as is the organization who have taken Tink under their wing, North Carolina Pug Rescue. This little doggy's attitude blows me away. She could teach all of us a few things about how to handle adversity and still have a positive attitude. And, Pug Rescue of N.C. is an inspiration!! They have consistently, doggedly (no pun intended) taken care of Tinkerbell through her darkest hours and have consistently gotten her the care she so desperately needed to overcome her traumatic injury that, I think, is amazing did not take her life. If you have not read Tinkerbell's story, get out the hankies and head on over to Pug Rescue N.C.'s web site to read. Please be forewarned that many of the photos are of a graphic nature showing Tink's injury, the result of the abuse she suffered.) Thank Goodness for Pug Rescue N.C.!!!! I am looking forward to reading more about Tinkerbell's Second Act!! Thanks again, PRONC!!!!

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Abby Creek Art said...

I'm SO happy Tinkerbell is doing better. It's heartwarming to see her look so happy in this photograph. My what a little kindness can do!