Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Where are the portraits?

It has been awhile since I've started a portrait! Here is the skinny: I have begun conversations with several clients about their information-gathering for their upcoming portrait work, and I'm waiting to hear back from all of them. Initiating conversations with the next upcoming group of portrait-seekers would not be orderly thing for me to do, because this first group is next in line for portraits, and I can't juggle two groups of portrait clients at once. I can only work on a set amount of portraits at one time. I do have other things to keep me busy while I wait to hear back from them all, so it is really not a terrible thing for me to be very patient!! :)

I am also planning to do a few personal pet portraits this summer, and I hope to start on one of those soon. When I do, I will post the progress here, in full detail! Thank YOU for being patient with ME!! :)

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Amy Bottomley Cavilla said...


I see that there is probably a long line of people requesting pet portraits--but I want to figure out the best way to get in line. I've been carrying a print out of an article on you from the DailyCandy newsletter for years. It's my parents 25th anniversary this year. My brother and I would love to get them a portrait of our two Pugs--Duke and Kabuki, William the Chihuahua and Patches the cat. A little menagerie. Please let me know what this might entail--thank you! (amybottomley@hotmail.com)