Sunday, June 17, 2007

Great info for future pet portrait commissioners

For those of you who are interested in having a pet portrait done, Rebecca from ArtPaw has put together a wonderful resource for you. She posted "5 Tips for Commissioning Pet Portraits" on her blog, and I can't agree more wth each tip! She has some great tips! My favorite tip is #3, but #1 and #5 are also very important practical things to think about. They're all useful tips, though! I think #4 applies a little less to my portrait work than to Rebecca's, since my pieces are for the most part smaller than ArtPaw's offerings, plus the matting and framing for my pieces can go a long way toward matching decor, whereas Rebecca's canvases can be hung on the wall sans framing. Anyway, check out the Tips!! Interesting stuff.

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