Friday, February 09, 2007

Two Doggone Great Pet Art Blogs

I want to let you know about two great pet portrait blogs!

The first is the Art Dog Blog by Rebecca Collins, the doyenne of doggie (and kity, and whatever else) art at Art Paw, has a great blog where she talks about her portraits, art in general, her poochies, her business, and whatever else catches her fancy! Please check out her work too at

The second is one I've just discovered. Abby Creek Studios, Linda O'Neill's pet portrait business, now has a blog to match! Abby Creek Art Blog is chock full of great stuff - - some of Linda's portrait commissions, but it also showcases her (who knew?) really lovely abstract collage art.

Try these out for in regular blog-rotation - they both are updated pretty frequently of late. enjoy!


Rebecca said...

Awe shucks ... thanks for the plug and for the recent comments over there in my neighborhood. Some of you may not know this but, um, er, well, Kathy has a blog addiction. She not only frequents others, but she maintains an unhealthy amount herself. Her friends agree that it is too late for an intervention, she is gone:) Man, I can't beleive I outed you like this.

Abby Creek Art said...

Kathy you are too sweet to mention my blog...thanks so much. You and Rebecca are the best and the coolest dog artists! Nice to know there are others out there with nasty blog addictions too. Hi...I'm Linda and I am a blog addict. Hello Linda!