Tuesday, November 21, 2006

2007 Pet Portraiture Calendar is here!

The 2007 Pet Portraiture Calendar is here! I chose the portraits for the 2007 calendar based on...

1) size and composition. The 9x12's fill out the space best, so this was a consideration - and I couldn't use any vertically composed portraits

2) theme I favored themes that might or might not be new but were new to me (i.e. Mugsy the Poker Dealer), and themes that told a mult-layered story (i.e.: Charissa By The Sea - former sheep herder, current beach bum)

Here is the list of the pets and their months!

January Pixel, one of Artpaw.com's "mascotties", showing her "Good" and "Evil" sides!

February Trevor & Jackson, two beautiful Greyhounds in a portrait which I think exudes energy!

March Kaya, Modern Dog's resident diva doggie, in a portrait titled "Kaya Welcomes Spring" which was featured in their Spring 2006 issue

April Kiki & Chico, two regal Chihuahuas in a likewise regal setting: a Japanese Garden complete with Koi pond, topiary and a big cherry Blossom tree to help ring in Spring

May Daisy and Linus, two doggie siblings who have a very special relationship as evidenced in their portrait

June Cedar Pie, a happy, pretty Golden Retreiver whose mom is a baker and masterminded this tasty theme

July Charissa the Border Collie in a tribute to her past life (as a sheep herder) and her present life (as a beach bum and therapy dog)

August Tai Pan, Dawson, Skylar, Kiara, Arwen my only five-dog portrait ever! Pirate Doggies and other Doggie Sea Dwellers in a magical scene

September Elvis the cat, quite regally posed, relaxes in his backyard with his favorite birdy friends and Little Orange tree

October Mugsy the Boston Terrier is portrayed as a Poker dealer in a shady doggie poker scene (complete with cocktails and shady doggie players!)

November Honey the Egyptian Princess Chihuahua in a golden-lit scene

December Bunny the Beagle and Martha the Boston Terrier as Irish / Scottish Princesses, portrayed in a beautiful Irish Countryside scene, paying homage to their human parents' cultural identities.

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Rebecca said...

Pixel is so thrilled to be Miss January!!! Thanks for including her in your good looking calendar! You have tons of new stuff happening... keep up the good work.