Wednesday, September 20, 2006

New New New - - Kiki & Chico and Azucar

Kiki & Chico © 2006 kathy weller

Two new ink drawings up on my site! I know, I know, I allllways say this and I sound like a broken record, probably...BUT, I honestly think this one just *might* be my most detailed yet!! Ok, ok, well at least as detailed as some others. Maybe not the *most* in terms of different patterns and textures in the line work. But I must tell you that it was very intensive - especially that Cherry Blossom tree! I was starting to call it the *never-ending* cherry blossom tree for awhile... it was some heavy liftin'. But, I must share that I love how it came out!!! It looks beautiful, every line is a quality line. And the painting process will be so exciting. To get that perfect cherry blossom peachy-white shade. Let's see, what will the undertones be? Must refer back to my notes. How exciting, it will be lots of fun.

AZUCAR the Havanese beauty is my other inked portrait on the What's Cookin' page, in an Ode-to-Cuba landscape complete with a bunch of other homages in there too - there is a patchwork quilt, a couple of bowls, a Monarch butterfly, cuban architecture, palm trees of course, and a stylized Cuban flag interpretation, plus lots of stars and swirls of course. Oh, Azucar's special favorite toys in there too, plus some finely rendered flowers -Hibiscus and Allamanda. (There is a detail close-up shown, so you can see the flower.) Kind of like a Highlights Hidden Pictures puzzle! Love those (still)...


"Maggie" said...

These dogs are so cute, my parents have one named Muscha, German for "little one" I think. I look forward to seeing this finished in color! Thanks so much for all your supportive comments.

the enigma said...

such a great drawing...!