Sunday, August 20, 2006

Owen Maxwell is complete

Yes, the kitty by the sea is now colored in and looking fab with juicy colors. you can smell the ocean just looking at it! Ok, maybe it's just me... At any rate, enjoy the portrait!

(above) Owen Maxwell at the Beach (c) 2006 Kathy Weller

(above) Trevor and Jackson (c) 2006 Kathy Weller

It never ceases to surprise me just how different a portrait looks after painting. You'd think it'd be old hat to me by now. But seriously, the drawing takes on a whole different life when it it is being painted and also when the painting is completed. Watercolor is a really cool medium to work wth; it's so active. You react to it constantly and you can't let your guard down, you have to be ever present, and you really have to know your materials because some pigments have greater staining power on first contact with paper than others. there is a million and one things you learn as you are doing it and a million and one more questions that you learn to ask yourself throughout the process. It's like a relationship wth something alive, when you are working with it. (Ok, I hope I am not sounding scary to you right about now. ;) )

I am almost halfway done with painting Trevor and Jackson, the two lovely Greyhounds, and tonight I'm stepping back and looking at it with one doggie painted and the other not, and it is interesting. I usually make every attempt to finish the painting in one sitting. Obviously that is often not possible so I usually will either first do just the overall background / large area washes in the first sitting, then do the bulk of the work in one other sitting. Or, do the bulk of the painting in one sitting and then add final touches in one other sitting. For this one, I had to stop in basically right the middle of the bulk of the work. It is actually a little less than halfway done, taking into consideration all of the embelleshments and detail which will be painted in later, aside from the dogs themselves. Anyway, here it is. Enjoy!


Jen said...

I just found your blog. Kathy, your work is so beautiful and you have such a distinct style! Kudos for mastering watercolor... LOL, that was always way too hard of a medium for me to handle. You do it beautifully. I've got you bookmarked so I can continue to read. It's always inspirational reading about other artists's thought processes and seeing their work bloom on paper!

Jen :o)

Alina Chau said...

very neat drawings!