Thursday, July 27, 2006

Competing banks find pets are in their interest

Isn't that a great story headline?

Story in the Boston Globe today about banks and other business bending over backwards to cater to people with pets. Good for the bottom line, methinks! ;)

And a photo gallery too...

MORE PORTRAIT DOG ART to tell you about...
ArtPaw, the pet portrait company of my friend Rebecca Collines the pop art pet portrait Queen, has shown me portrait proofs of Daisy my pug! (We are trading portraits, I will be doing her pixel!) They are GREAT!!!!!

I won't post them here without permission but you can check out several other doggie and kitty portrait proofs at Art Paw's web site where they show many proofs for clients. You can see a LOT of proofs there and it is fun!

I'll ask Rebecca to post Daisy up there so I can supply a link for all to see my darling Daisy, live and in electric, vibrant Art Paw color!

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Rebecca said...

Hey Kathy... feel free to post the proofs. I was just showing my new helper your site and stumbled into the blog. We printed your Daisy about 10 minutes ago and she looks great. I like your choice of backgrounds. I can't wait to see what you do with my Pixel.