Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Hey, cool news everybody - - my pet portraiture has been written up by the web site http://www.breedspecific.com ! Yay!

Breedspecific.com is a doggie breed art shopping site, but they also showcase different pet portrait artists every month, and I was one of two chosen for June (which just happens to be my Birthday month too - so a nice 'present')! The other June artist is Linda O'Neill who does wonderful acrylic paintings which are realistic in style, but are also full of vivid color and personality. Check her out at Abby Creek Studios.

I am so honored and, I love the blurb, too by the way - very nice blurb, thank you Breed Specific! :) Check out Breedspecific.com, and also check out Artpaw.com, which is run by the same people. They do really nice work!!

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