Sunday, April 09, 2006

Skylar, Dawson, Kiara, Tai-Pan & Arwen



all images copyright Kathy Weller 2006

THIS is the biggie portrait that I was telling you about last week. The one with the most pets ever - five doggies. The high-concept, really detailed one.

These five doggies: left to right are: Skylar, Dawson, Kiara (with the hat and coat on), Tai-Pan (with wings - he's an angel) and Arwen, all are playing "Pirates" in this piece ('cept for Arwen, who is playing Mermaid)! They have their own pirate ship and everyone has their own role! Their mom has a great imagination, and she had a million and one reference materials for me to use for the portrait! She really knows her subject matter, that is for sure, and I hope she is pleased with the final result! I just sent off the finished painting to her (shown here is the black ink drawing - the second stage of the work). I will post the final painting soon. For now, please enjoy this lovely portrait of five wonderful little doggies!!

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