Saturday, April 15, 2006

New additions to my web site

I have added a couple of additions to my web site!

1) Copyright Statement
It is increasingly important for artists of all kinds to protect their work in every way they can. To this end I have added a Copyright Statement to my site. It is the first page that comes up after the splash page and thew viewer must Agree to abide by my statement to move on to the Portrait Gallery. I am sure everyone agrees that it is a wise move on my part to do this. It's overdue, actually.

2) New section!
I've created a new page called "What's Cookin'"! It is on this new page that I will post stages of my pet portraits for proofing. I will also happy to post proofs of all of the stages of your portrait to a private URL in the case that you would prefer it is not publically viewable.

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