Friday, March 10, 2006

Work on Selma Jane continues - Ink stage

Selma's portrait is going wonderfully. There are several intricate things which have been included in this portrait which embody Selma, her life, her personality and all that she loves and appreciates. There are of course her Rita Polkapants and Crabbie toys which are pictured next to her but there are also a few little surprises. The landscape used for a backdrop is actually based on Selma's own neighborhood green areas. The birds in the upper right have special significance as the actual types of birds which live in Selma's neighborhood- among them, Cardinals, Chickadees and a family of Crows, all of which are represented here. We also included wildflowers as well as orange tiger lilies, morning glories, sunflowers, black-eyed Susans - all of which are alive and well in Selma's neighborhood. I added butterflies and a ladybug or two to the bottom banner to help illustrate that Selma is a 'snugglebug' pug. She is surrounded on both sides with her favorite toys - the aforementioned Rita Polkapants and Crabbiebut also a pile of carrots as well as her carrot Nylabones and her Wishbone toy. A tiara completes the picture for this Pug Diva Princess.

This portrait was my first in which I am using my new Rapidograph technical pen in a size smaller (.18) than what I have always used previously (.25). That means MORE DETAIL. It is amazing and I am very thrilled to be using a smaller and more detailed line!!!! My work is improving and continuing to become more and more refined. It's so wonderful to be creating beautiful art work of beloved pets, for people who love and appreciate it so much. What did I do before pet portraiture?

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