Thursday, March 30, 2006

Pet Portrait Work Update...and some pet stories to snack on

In the Breaking Pet News department...a couple of hairy cat stories

Crazy cat terrorizes Connecticut town

Cat stuck in wall waves paw for help

Where I'm At....

Finished Elvis last night!! Yeah!! I will email Elvis' mom tonight with the proof. Didn'y have a chance to scan n' send last night.

Haven't been posting much lately, but I am working on this portrait - this very high-concept portrait, which is pretty incredible. I am really excited about it. It's quite amazing, the biggest portrait I've ever done in terms of amount of ink flowing out of me pen and detail - - because there are five, yes you read that right - FIVE - doggies in the portrait!!! :) Tai-Pan, Skylar, Dawson, Arwen, and Kiara. *Wait* til you see this one...It's going to be pretty incredible. Actually it already is. Getting the bones down is always the most technically intense and creatively challenging part (blocking the portrait). So it's all downhill from here! LOL **JUST KIDDING** of course. :) Spring a little joke on you there. (It's all intense, folks!!) Anyway, I did another revision to this piece last night and, as Elvis, didn't have a chance to scan 'n' send last night, so that's also on the roster for this evening.

About to start another high-concept. Ok, I just *love* the high concepts!! A BT named Mugsy...whose a poker dealing doggie!! Yeah!!!! :) Fun fun. Won't be on the drawing table til this weekend, but I am currently plotting my strategy.

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