Sunday, February 12, 2006

Molly Abigail

Molly Abigail © 2006 Kathy Weller

Molly Abigail is a doggie whose portrait I've just completed and sent off to her mom. I really enjoyed doing her portrait a lot. As I mentioned in a previous post, her mom was going for a certain mood in MA's portrait- a magical, twilight, foggy-mist-over-the-lake type of mood and we were both thrilled with the results!! :)

Here is the finished portrait along with some details. It's tough to show all of the detail in the portrait through one 425 pixel width, 72 ppi jpg, so here are a few other detailed shots. Not complete by any means but helps to give an idea of the level of detail in the portrait.

Molly is known as the "Treat Aficionado". The border is dotted with some of her favorite treats: greenies and doggie biscuits, as well as a couple of harmonicas, because she enjoys harmonica music.

Here is a detail of Molly Abigail's paw with her favorite toys-her blue Hurley bone and black Kong toy as well as another doggie biscuit. A ladybug and and some wildflowers hang out, too.

A butterfly sits on Molly A's paw. Molly A is also lying on her favorite real-life blanket.
A detail of Molly A's name banner, and also of the sky dotted with stars and moon.

The background features a misty lake and mountains. A Weeping Willow tree sits on each side.
Molly is a German shorthaired Pointer and has a beautiful coat with some auburn and white mottling
which was a fun and challenging texture to create for her coat.

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