Friday, February 03, 2006

Bunny & Martha

This week I drew Bunny (an almost 5.5 yr old Beagle) and Martha (a Boston Terrier, about a year old now), a couple of real cuties. I am really excited about their portrait for many reasons but I'll just share one right now. It's a lot of fun to be presented with a theme in which I can learn something new in some way, whether through the overriding theme, the dogs, the scenery, landscape or geographical location chosen - and this one provided a lot of opportunity for this type of learning. The theme is Ireland, with a shout-out to Scotland (Martha is wearing a kilt). The Ireland/Scotland theme is an homage to the doggies' parents' cultural identities.) The doggies are portrayed as Irish Princesses, and I got to do a little digging for flowers native to Ireland, irish ivy, landscapes, ornamental celtic designs, claddaugh symbol (this is used as one of the girl's tiaras). All in all, just a very fun and whimsical, yet also a very *classical* looking portrait which I look forward to continuing work on. And the dogs are just absolutely adorable!!! It's sometimes tricky posing two dogs but I have to say that I am very happy with the way this is coming. They are posed in a sort of classical-looking style, Bunny is standing and Martha is sitting - and, well, describing it might just be confusing and nothing else, so I'll just keep working on it and not attempt to describe it any longer. :)

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