Sunday, January 22, 2006

updates on pet portrait work

(Above: portrait sketch detail of Suki. Top: first sketch. Bottom: revised sketch.)

This weekend, I accomplished a lot! I completed Pinkie and Charissa's portraits, and emailed their mom's the proofs. I hope that they each love their portraits! :)

I also revised a portrait sketch of Suki. I had originally drawn Suki's face with a closed mouth, but Suki's dad was interested in having Suki's mouth open and smiling in the portrait. I revised Suki's face and I emailed the revision of Suki, and he loved it! I think it came out great, too! I look forward to continuing work on Suki's portrait.

Next up:
Bunny & Martha (a Boston Terrier and Beagle. Check out Martha's blog in my blog list at left!!)

Blue (an Irish Setter - posthumous portrait, R.I.P.)

Katie (a cute little kitty cat)