Monday, January 02, 2006

Norbert in London

This is one of my most recently completed portraits! It's of this great Bassett Hound named Norbert. He was rescued, and now lives a nice, comfortable life with his two kitty brothers. I am sure that they provide him with hours of amusement every day!! The theme is London, which I think Norbert 'wears' very well! I tried to fit in a lot of iconic English places into the portrait! I think my favorite is the little Harrod's (complete with all of the flags).

Norbert's mom graciously granted me permission to show off little Norbert here. I plan to do n extensive Case Study of Norbert, but I won't be posting any new Case Studies (or Cafe Press pet portrait stores) for probably about a month, to concentrate on catching up on my actual pet portraiture.

As an aside, I promise to remove any holiday remnants on my main pet portrait site soon. I just haven't had the time to spend on doing it - it's the kind of thing that takes more than just a few minutes because my site is kind of huge (lots of graphics) - - but since I really dislike looking dated, I'll surely be doing it sooner rather than later. The LAST thing anyone wants to look at in January is anything holidayish!!
ha ha, I can only really speak for myself... :)

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