Monday, January 23, 2006

the latest

Charissa's mom and Pinkie's mom both love their portraits!! Yay!!! I am so happy that they are happy!! I do have to make one small revision to Pinkie's painting - I missed a tiny but critical detail - her little painted nails - so I will include this and resend a proof as soon as possible.

Another one of my finished portrait's recipients still has not gotten back to me, re: the final portrait email proof, and this is very out of the ordinary. I hope they are all okay! I'm a little concerned... I will wait and see. It's been just a little over a week.

small grump..
My knee is acting funny. I kneeled on it last night and it hurt above the knee cap. The pain is still there, but it's very minor - under my knee, it feels like - but I am fine to stand, lie down, walk. I feel the pain if I kneel. I think it might be bursitis. Yuck. I'll ice it tonight!

Back update:
My back is doing well - - so much of the 'cure' is management: stretching a few times a day, back and ab exercises every day, regular wokouts otherwise, adequate rest. And NOT sitting. I've been kneeling a lot, so it's no wonder my knee took a hit. I've been going to physical therapy 1 or 2 times a week and seeing steady improvements in my strength (and doing workouts on my own the rest of the time). I saw my Physiologist last week for a check up and she said that I'm doing very well, but she wants to see a bit more improvment in my flexibility. I will see her again in a couple of months and for now, as usual, flexibility training is in the front seat... and it should stay that way, after suffering this injury and knowing the repurcussions of inflexibility! :P

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