Monday, January 30, 2006

The busy weekend past

This weekend, I did a lot of photo reference research for upcoming portraits. I also did some paperwork. The end of the year is here (or, rather, the beginning of a new one ;) ) and I did some number-crunching to see where I fell in terms of profit and loss, in my first full year of pet portraiting. It was a little sticky because I wasn't very organized last year. I thought I'd give myself one year to really see if this was something I wanted to continue, could continue, believed in enough to continue (ok, *my* believing in it wasn't exactly the issue, really - I had to see if *others* believed in it, too - that would be my clients). Well, now that I can't imagine NOT doing pet portraiture, I guess the answer to that is YES!

In the past few weeks I've done a LOT of legal work. It's amazing what a person can accomplish with a list and complete commitment. I'm also learning Quickbooks and populating it with all of my business information. It's quite a deep program! I have another appointment with my accountant in a couple of weeks to go over it some more.

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