Friday, December 02, 2005

More on the creation of Merry's portrait...

Here are some details - from pencil sketch to ink drawing. You will see that often times I leave some of the pencil sketch in the ink drawing. I erase these lines away before painting, but it helps to give me a visual imprint of where I plan to go with a given detail in the portrait. Fro instance, I kept the pencilled in eyeballs in the ink drawing of Merry until I painted it in, because eye highlights are so important and individual. One false move and it can be your doggie with someone else's eyeballs if the highlights aren't your own doggie's highlights! Before I paint the portrait, I'll erase the specific part - and I'll work from a photo to fill in any memory gaps.

I think I exaggerated slightly in my last post...when I said I chucked a first sketch of Merry which took me two hours. I looked at the sketch today and I am fairly certain it only took about 30-40 minutes before I chucked it. I'm not posting it, anyway ;) ... just in case you were wondering.... :)

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