Saturday, November 12, 2005


I really appreciate the supportive comments, thanks so much.

Setting up my new standing art table took most of the day. My husband did the work, while I stood around and couldn't help much, unfortunately. the good news is, my new workstation is now set up. I'm tired now though, and I'll resume my work tomorrow. The back thing is really been tough. I know I'll improve, but it can be really disheartening sometimes. I had a bad day. Tomorrow will be much better. Monday, I am going to have an epidural steroid shot to (hopefully...) help the inflammation to recede, so that everything else I am doing (physical therapy exercises, icing, staying out of certain aggravating positions and instead using less aggrivating ones) helps that much more. I know the success of the injection is only around 50% - - but I have high hopes, I can't help it!!

On a doggie note, Ruby is doing great on her medication. She apparently has crystals in her urine which is a mineral build-up, the tests confirmed, and the vet is confident it is only minerals, not actual stones. Daisy has the same thing, so the transition to the new diet is a piece of cake.

Very soon, let's hope most of my blogging entries will be back on the subject of my pet portraiture!!! :) That would signify good things! :)

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