Tuesday, October 18, 2005

how lucky am i

I get to work on this doggie soon! Molly is a super sweet doggie, and I've never done a German Shorthaired Pointer before, or any pointer for that matter! It's pretty cool how much closer I feel to a specific breed after drawing and painting a particular doggie or kitty of that breed's picture, not to mention how near and dear I feel to the actual pet, once their portrait is complete. I could easily pick them out of a roomful of the same breed of pet, no problem! (I wonder if the pets would they read into my familiarity with them and be more friendly with me than they might be with an actual stranger? I definitely would not feel like a stranger! :) )

I am also really psyched to start on this adorable Bloodhound, Norbert. (Norbee doesn't have a dogster link that I am aware of, and I have not asked his mom if I could post a picture, so for now, you must use your imagination :) ). What a cute doggie! And the theme is nothing short of brilliant, either (his mom has a great imagination). But I don't want to ruin the surprise, so I'll hold my tongue.

I have a bunch of brand new pet portrait Case Studies which I plan to put live this weekend. there's Tristin the (16 year old, Super!) pug (as Winston Churchill!), Link & Leila - two very special and adorable little poms, Nina and Violet, a chihuahua and a yorkie who are just so glamorous and regal (and did I mention how photogenic these two are?), Abby Gail, an adorable and very loyal mixed breed (with a very touching story), and Lucy, a very pretty, sweet, dancing poodle! I had every intention of getting them live last weekend, but I couldn't get it all finished in time, and now my week is being feasted on with my full time employment.
So, stay tuned, they will definitely be up this coming weekend.

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