Monday, September 26, 2005

Such a busy weekend

Sometimes I have this simply unfathomable list on Friday and I just try to see how much of it I can accomplish by Sunday night. It's kind of crazy. I love the work like mad, but sometimes it feels like a 48-hour dash! Again this weekend, I started off with a crazy list. I made quite a dent in it - and am very happy with the quality of work I produced!

I won't bore you with the unabridged list. Here is some things that got done.

(red is done, orange is pending)

Meredith - completed pencil sketch
Tristan-complete painting (paint is 75% done)
Gypsy Girl-complete ink drawing and painting
(paint is 75% done)
Suess, Lucky & Rambler-complete painting
(paint is 75% done)
Chloe & Huggy Bear - complete pencil sketch (waiting to hear back on revision)

CP Store

Create Stores for:

-Nina & Violet
-Link & Leila
-Lucy Poodle
(all in pending mode)

Update All-Pug (2 new) and Pupisms (new products) offerings

I'm also planning a major update to my web site, with a new Site Map, a comprehensive Framing Process and Samples photo gallery, many new Case Studies, a new Press page, as well as streamlined content and revised navigation. That will be taking place in the next few weeks.

Other stuff I did this weekend:

-Had a fabulous long walk with the girls
-Drank a lot of coffee
-Had a bad allergy/asthma flare up (which is continuing into today!)
-Checked my credit rating (after reading a story in the Boston Globe)
-Watched Sunday night TV (Desperate H'wives, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Extras)

Hurricane Relief Update: $490 Donated to American Red Cross


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