Saturday, September 17, 2005

A recent profile of a pet photographer

How did I miss this? (It was published on Sept. 3! )
Michigan pet photographer Jill Andra Young is profiled in this short human interest piece in The Detroit News. Cool!
Owners hold onto memories with portraits, Detroit News, 09/03/05

Here is a site of a pet photographer which uses flash very smartly in the gallery presentation of the portraits. Flash is often used so carelessly and without economy. It is a breath of fresh air to see it used in such a pretty and simple way, which also benefits but doesn't overpower the photos. Her doggie photos are really gorgeous. I mean, STUNNING. Check out Bruno & Fonzi gallery. But...(uh-oh here it comes) her work deserves a better showcase. The blog hasn't been updated since May, and I want to see her photos larger and without the competing rust-colored template.
The name:
Christine Edwards Photography

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