Friday, September 16, 2005

Hello, Mr. Casting Producer

Katrina Update: $490 Donated to Red Cross

Hi (name of casting producer),
Thank you for the email! I've seen your show, and while I like to watch
it sometimes in a car-crash kind of way, I would never recruit anyone
to be on your show. I just think it would be kind of insulting to any
person I'd mention it to. Wife Swap is one of those shows a person
should go into on their own accord, don't you think?
If you have an upcoming wacky-human slot on the View, however, I would
love to trot out my whimsical and funny pet portraits, for a segment!
I'm friendly, funny, and have gone 'inside' the world of obsessed pet
owners. I have funny stories and I could totally see a show-and-tell
segment with photos of the pet, and then pictures of the finished
portrait. It would be fun, entertaining and sweet. Just a thought for
Thanks for the contact! Best of luck casting for Wife Swap! It's a good
show and I'm glad to see it is picked up again. I thought it had been
Best regards,

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