Thursday, September 01, 2005

Excited to help!

[From Commander's Palace to Mother's, it's ALL OF OUR New Orleans, LA,
MS & AL -
and we need to see them back to health. They really need us now.]

It's true that helping others does help the spirit! I've added four more original art prints to my Kartrina donation offerings (linked off the Katrina Relief page of my web site). Through sales of my artwork, I have donated $70.00 to Red Cross 2005 Hurricane Relief Fund thus far, with another $125 earmarked to donate as well (from orders that have come in over the past week), but $90.00 of that must clear first. So today, I will be donating $45.00 more (of that $125).

Every day, at the end of the day, I will donate whatever monetary amount has been raised that day through the sale of my art work! It will be a little bit of sunshine in my day when I have a new number to post.

Doing Something: It sure beats feeling helpless, powerless, useless and hopeless!

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