Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Welcome to my world! Muahahaha...

So this is it! My new (and my first, and only) blog! At first, I thought, "Who on *earth* would want to read my musings on pet portraiture?" But then I thought, why not? I mean, I do have clients, and, at one time, they were just surfing around the web, looking at different pet artists, and wondering what, or who, was out there, and if anything would click with them. Or, they were reading a mag and came across my ad, and the rest is history. So, I thought it might be a neat idea. I'm linking my blog from my own web site and from my Pet Shop store on Cafe Press. So at least my audience here knows what they're getting ;) . I am excited to have a place to write all about my work now! I don't think it will stop me from making all those lists, though...

Please note: Seeing that my pet portraiture work and my Cafe Press The Pet Shop shop store are inextricably linked - commercially and, more importantly, creatively - I will be talking about both here. So, if you don't care to read any of my shop stuff, please skip over anything labeled CAFE PRESS BLURB, or THE PET SHOP BLURB, or any other in-between name I give it on any given day. If I forget to call it out first, it will be a complete oversight. I don't want you to waste your time if you aren't interested!! Thanks!! :)

Tonight, I just got a big order I placed with Cafe Press!! I am so excited!! I got a DQ large mug, an Orson & Laika large mug, three Jr. Raglan t's, a pin, a magnet, and an extra t for my friend Autumn. I could not be more psyched about the quality. The mugs left me speechless (I'm not exaggerating). I LOVE the t's - the printing quality is perfect for my detailed designs. I haven't tried the new printing process yet (it's currently beta-testing on the baby doll t's only). I am so happy with the high quality of detail, and richness of color delivered in the types of printing that they currently offer, that, to be honest, I am a little hesitant to try it! But, I will order a new baby doll this week just to check out the printing quality/possible detail loss. They do offer a guarantee (and I once had to use it so I know they give me no hassle) so if I think the new type of printing doesn't work with my more intricate designs, I will just virtually picket CP to keep this type of printing as an additional alternative to the new one they're rolling out. ;)

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laika & orson's mom :) said...

hi kathy!
omg, that mug is so cute! :) :) :) we got them for my mom and mother in law, but i still need to get us some!!!! anyway, here's two new pics of orson--hope you like it :)
everyone says hi!