Sunday, August 21, 2005


I worked on a couple of portraits today. One of them is a portrait of two adorable Pomeranians named Link & Leila. What I love about this portrait (aside from the subjects, of course!) is that L&L's mom has been extremely creative and really 'into' the entire process. She has come up with some wonderful ideas to incorporate into the portrait. I really enjoy the collaborative process with my clients, and I am always having the most fun when I have a client who is an active, interested and excited participant the process. It's very gratifying to me to create something that will be treasured in the family for a long time to come, and something which reflects not only the pet but the pet's parents and family, too. For this particular portrait, we've integrated so many interesting things into the portrait, even a tattoo! I am looking forward to continuing the work.

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