Monday, August 29, 2005

Another new doggie mag

Just read a story about another new doggie mag (The Hollywood Dog) coming down the pike (newsstands: Aug. 28). I like doggie mags for the most part, and of course I welcome more into the fray because it's good for the entire industry, on the whole. But I think launching any maggie is a huge financial gamble and I hope that this one has something different and unique to offer. They are most useful when they bring something new to the table, or bring a fresh point of view previously unaddressed in the medium. Many of them *almost* do this, and could use a little tinkering to really be innovative.

There have been two other recent dog magazine premieres of note: Wag Magazine and Paw Luxuries. I've read Wag (and I advertised in the premiere issue as well) but have yet to see Paw Luxuries. I liked Wag enough - but the first issue, like any first (a first album or a sit-com pilot comes to mind) was bound to be a little wobbly, finding it's own unique personality, while in front of everyone. I look forward to the next issue, to see if some of my own personal criticisms about the maggie are addressed. Wag does have promise though. I think it's definitely one to watch.

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